Sunday, February 14, 2016

You didn't think we would just drive home, did you?!

Especially not after we found this brochure at the inn we stayed at in Van Buren...
Unfortunately, we had to skip the first step because the sun is located in the Science Museum at the University of Maine in Presque Isle, which is closed on Sunday mornings. We also missed Mercury because we miscalculated how close it would be to the campus! Oops. (We also missed Mars, which was a bummer since I was hoping to see them all. I guess that means we'll have to do this again!)

But, we did find the next's Venus: 
I was able to get the boys out of the car to pose for a picture with Earth and its Moon, but that was the last time during our tour. 
Because this was the temperature, and that thermometer didn't factor in the gale-force winds that were blowing across the potato fields of Aroostook County! Brrrr...
 I am a determined photographer though, as you know. So, we carried on and captured Jupiter:
And, my favorite display - Saturn:
 You can see my wimpy boys waving to their crazy mother while I photographed Uranus at the Bridgewater Town Hall:
Neptune was hard to find, but we finally spotted it!
Last, but not least, (well, actually it might be!) is Pluto. It is located inside the Houlton Information Center, so that was much more pleasant and we had a wonderful conversation with a very knowledgeable lady who works there.
There are so many interesting things to see and do throughout our great state of Maine, if only you stop and look!

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