Friday, February 19, 2016

Freestyle State Meet today and they did GREAT!

A lot of the racers used caution around this steep hairpin turn. Not my son - he saw his mother and step-sister sitting on the edge of the trail, picked an outside trajectory and dug deep into that turn with a shit-eating grin on his face because he was flying straight at us! It made for a wicked cool video and pictures! And that confidence and speed earned him another spot on the awards podium - this time for 6th place! Edited: he actually didn't know that it was me there, he just couldn't believe anyone would be foolish enough to stand where I was on that corner. He really wasn't surprised to find out afterwards that it was me though! And, he was mad at himself for misjudging that corner - he claims that it cost him several precious seconds and a better placing. I reminded him that every race is a learning experience!
This is where his younger brother dominates - hill climbs! He felt really good out there today and came in 37th against tough competition from all over the state!! I'm so proud of both of my boys. They're working hard and having a such a fantastic season! His times in the last few races should be good enough to earn him a spot on the Maine ski team and the ability to wear that coveted jacket.

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