Thursday, February 25, 2016

How did that even happen?!

Late last night my younger son woke me up to tell me his foot was bleeding. Bleeding is an understatement. The hallway looked like a crime scene. He had jumped out of bed to use the bathroom, still half asleep, and stepped on the exposed corner of his bed frame. Talk about a freak accident!
Of course the power was out, so we had no way to clean his wound and the skin was gaping open enough to need stitches. So, off to the ER we went; sliding on slushy roads & dodging downed trees. The staff was wonderful and 10 stitches later we were headed for home again.
He's thrilled to be using crutches, (go figure?) but is seriously bummed to be missing the last races of the season. He was really close to qualifying for the Maine Ski Team this year, and was so looking forward to wearing that jacket. I hate to see my kiddos so disappointed and it's really hard to help them feel better about something like this that nobody could ever have expected to happen. He's handling it well though, and even went to school today! Nothing slows him down for very long!!  frown emoticon

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