Saturday, August 6, 2016

Beach to Beacon 10k

My older son and l ran it, while my younger son was our 'official' photographer. They both did a great job! Here we are before the start...
This is such an incredible World-class event every year, but this year (the 19th edition) it was extra special. For the first time, an American (and native Mainer!) won it. Ben True is from North Yarmouth, and has run this race many times, coming as close as third place 2 years ago. He currently holds the record for the fastest North American 5k road race, and was definitely a home-town favorite for this race - everyone was hollering his name! This is what complete concentration and sheer determination look like:
But, there are so many more incredible stories; anyone who has run this race will tell you the same thing. Whether you're running or walking, you have a reason for being there - in memory of a loved one, supporting a family member or a friend, for your health, for fun, whatever that reason is - it's inspiring to all! Endurance events are not easy, and this course is particularly challenging. Nobody appreciates and understands that more than the founder of the event, Joan Benoit Samuelson, an amazing athlete in her own right. She spent the entire morning standing at the finish line greeting competitors as they completed the race. Not just the elites -ALL the competitors. She even shook my hand. I am so honored. She is my hero.
I took this photo on Friday evening as Ms. Samuelson congratulated the girls who had just raced in the inaugural Beach to Beacon High School Mile.

The people are what makes B2B so special. Whether they are cheering spectators with their noisy cow-bells, or kids giving out high-fives, or homeowners that had set up stereos in their yards blasting music to help us keep running, and in some cases dancing, (Like the older gentleman stepping-out to 'Black Betty' up a hill that I wasn't sure l could climb - we laughed and made it over the top!) or families that had set up sprinklers to spray us because it was so hot, (That cold water felt so good.) or holding up clever and sometimes hilarious signs, or volunteering at one of the many water stops, or a fellow competitor offering encouragement as it was needed. It is truly an event that everyone should experience! Plus, the finish line is seriously top-notch...
Everywhere you turn there are photographers, which is such a wonderful service that this race provides. Especially since they'll even take your cell phone and create an image for you like this one:
One of them caught me crossing the finish line (Thank you Jenny McCarthy!) and I was smiling...

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