Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cani-cross 5k at Pineland Farms

Amber & I competed in the cani-cross 5k during the Salomon Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms this morning. I love this picture that my son captured of us just after we crossed the finish line. Yes, we spent 50 minutes out on that tough course, as opposed to the 34 minutes it took us last year. If we look like a 'hot mess', that's because we were! It was over 80 degrees Farenheit, which is way hotter than Amber likes it. So, we took our time and found as much water as we could in the woods. Amber found a spring that she could immerse herself in, as well as several muddy puddles on the side of the trail. The management here was prepared throughout the event with hoses and buckets full of cold water to drink or sponge onto your dog, so she is as wet as she is muddy! Amber remembered this race and did a great job navigating during the crowded, crazy start. She also remembered that hill that she pulled me up last year - this year she backed off the leash, and left me to my own devises! No way was she pulling me in this heat!! We chatted and laughed with lots of other 'competitors', and had a great time running this race again!

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