Saturday, April 30, 2016

They Call Him 'Coach'

But, I call him nephew...
This morning I saw a post on Facebook that said my nephew's team was going to be playing our Vikings lacrosse team. So, I told the migraine that I woke up with to 'go pound sand', and rallied enough to be a photographer for the morning. A couple of extra Excedrin never killed anyone, right? I would have hated missing that game! I was so glad to be there, soaking up sunshine, breathing in the fresh-cut grass smell from the ball-fields, and watching a vicious game of lacrosse.  He felt bad that I had to see him being angry with his team, but they lost so it was completely understandable. They have some tactics and skills that they need to work on, and I thought it was great to see him at work. He is very passionate about the game, (Always has been!) and it shows. Nothing wrong with that!

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