Saturday, April 2, 2016

And tonight we got to see her in concert!

It was an evening of family, amazing food, incredible music, and fun! Crystal is such a friendly, 'down-to-Earth' person that you feel like she's an old friend. We got to visit with her before the show and listen to a couple of acoustic songs - her soulful version of the classic 'Bobby McGee' & then she picked her way through a song that she is working on writing right now. I loved that my niece got to sit next to her and watch her thinking her way through a new song. It's such an interesting process and so cool that she shared it with us. I shared with her my memories & pictures of that night at the Grand Ole Opry. She talked about it for a few minutes and told me that she appreciated me reminiscing with her.
Her show was every bit as incredible as I knew it would be. Her voice has a range and strength that sounds so incredible through an array of songs that were bluesy, country, gospel and rockin'. The show went late, but even after 3 encores, I don't think anyone wanted it to end. We were all having so much fun!

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