Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halestorm Rocks

This evening a bunch of us girls headed to Portland to see my favorite band, Halestorm, play at the State Theatre.
As usual, they put on an awesome show and we loved every minute of it!
I worked my way through the crowd until I was in the front row...that's where I wanna be!
Lzzy has such an amazing voice.  She sang 2 of their songs without the rest of the band accompanying her.  It felt so up-close and personal with her playing the piano right there in front of us.
Her brother, Arejay, is the drummer for the band.  He is awesome to watch play - so much energy, so much talent and so much fun!  During his drum solo, he was actually jumping up and down, and while this is not a great photo because I took it with my phone, I can't believe that I actually got a shot of him way up in the air!  And he never missed a beat.
SCORE!  I got a pick and Pam got a stick!!

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