Sunday, September 18, 2016

Soldier's Pace Canicross @ Smiling Hill Farm

This weekend we borrowed a friend's sled dog so that he could race in a big canicross race. He had a blast, and came in third place!
Controlled chaos would be the best description for the start of a canicross race!  Or, maybe not quite so controlled...

Happy doggies!

I'm so glad that Johanna wanted to run with her - Amber loves to race!

Here they come and Timmy's still leading the way. What a good boy!

Headed for the finish line...

I've seen horses do this, but never a dog! He's thirsty!!

Waiting for Amber to return... 
Johanna gives Amber an appreciative pat...they had fun together!

She's back!

Apparently Timmy prefers a 'birds-eye' view!

Awards Ceremony

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