Sunday, June 12, 2016

YMCA FitFest 5k

This morning I lined up with almost 700 other runners and walkers for the first race in the Greater LA Triple Crown Series. The boys both have wicked bad colds, so they didn't run, but they did agree to take pictures for me! Thanks guys!!

We love the patriotic start to each of the races in this series!
A local elite athlete, Moninda Marube, leads the pack across the bridge on Court Street.
During the race we met Nelly who wins the 'award' for being the shortest runner! (If there was such an award.) She and her master are one of the many reasons that I love running races - you get to meet the nicest people and dogs!
Here I am at the finish line with Britton, a girl we know from Panther Track. She recently suffered a very painful knee injury. This was her first attempt to race, and it wasn't going well when I caught up to her just after the first mile. I saw those crocodile tears and immediately decided to walk with her and keep her company. It's hard for kiddos (and adults too!) to understand that sometimes your body isn't ready, even if your mind tells you that it should be. She was struggling, but we toughed it out together and she completed the course! She insisted on running the final stretch to the finish line even though it hurt - such a strong spirited athlete. I'm proud to know her.
The littlest (and arguably the cutest) spectator!

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