Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pretty Penny

A few days ago our oldest daughter told us about a cat that she wanted to rescue because it was desperate for a home. We reminded her that there are always pets that need homes; that's why we volunteer and help whenever we can, but that we can't bring them all into our home, due to lack of funding and space in our already full house. We discussed it for a few days though (Without emotion because clear heads are needed for such a big decision!) and she gathered as much information as she could about the situation that the cat was in. She also explained to us how she was going to care for it, and be responsible for it going forward. Cats are a long-term commitment. We decided to go visit her and make a final decision at that point.

Poor Penelope had been dreadfully neglected, although not abused, so she is very friendly and cuddly. Although she is less than a year old, she has already had kittens! She is a bit thin - you can see signs of her being malnourished, and her growth may be stunted as she is quite small. Our neighbor had heard about the cat a few months ago, and was finally able to get the owner to release her into foster care because he just couldn't give her what she needs. While in the foster home it was arranged for her to be spayed and vaccinated, and then they started looking for a better home for her.
Once we saw how sweet she is, how could we say, "No"?

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