Sunday, October 18, 2015

3rd Annual West Paris Pumpkin Run 5k

This has definitely become one of our favorite races! 4 of the kiddos and I ran in it, but our oldest daughter sat out and was our official photographer, As you'll see, she did a fantastic job with the camera. It's so much fun to run a race with so many of our friends, and this year Amber ran with me too!

Can you tell how excited she was to run?! We ran that first mile faster than I have ever run a mile before. The next 2 were much slower...maybe someday I'll be able to teach her about pacing herself? She made everyone smile on the course, which is the best part. She loves racing so much!

Big brother didn't let his hometown fans down...he won it again! (2nd year in a row!) We are all so proud of him for excelling at something he loves so much. His time was 18:18.9.

Younger brother wasn't far behind...he has gotten much faster this year. He came in 5th place with a time of 21:31.7!
That young man beside our daughter thought he could beat her to the finish line. He started his run for it back at the corner, but he underestimated how much of a fierce competitor THIS girl is! Sorry, buddy. Not this time. Her time of 25:00.4, which put her in 11th place!

Her sister wasn't really sure that she wanted to race this morning, but don't we all have those days? She decided that since so many friends were here, it would be more fun to complete the course, rather than just standing there in the cold wind watching. She ended up feeling great about her finish - 19th place 26.47. I love to watch them succeed like this and to see them smiling at the finish line!

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