Sunday, October 20, 2013

1st Annual West Paris Pumpkin Run

Today we ran in the inaugural West Paris Pumpkin Run 5k to raise money for the Agnes Grey Elementary School PTO. The weather was perfect and there was a much bigger turnout than was expected. It was a fantastic event and we had a great time running with our family, friends, and neighbors! The boys hadn't seen some of their teachers since they attended the school 4 years ago, so they were sure surprised to see how much the boys have grown up. And then, my older son came in 2nd overall in the race! He ran that 5k in 19:28.3 - almost 2 minutes faster than his 5k race just yesterday!! (The winner was the man in yellow.  Our neighbor in the blue shirt came in 3rd.)  His step-sisters were the top 2 female runners this morning! Big sister ran it in 23:50.3, with her little sister HOT on her heels with a time of 23:57.8.  My younger son wasn't far behind with a time of 27:10.6 and just 1 runner behind him was our youngest daughter, with a PERSONAL BEST of 27:23.3.  These kiddos are totally AMAZING! 

After the race we pigged out on yummy chili and pumpkin pie in the cook-off, which was won by the 2 ladies in the picture.  I heard LOTS of people saying that they couldn't wait for next year. That is very good news for our little school.

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