Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spontaneous Pinic

This morning the girls asked me if we could take the boys to their favorite restaurant,  Cafe Nomad, for lunch because the boys had never eaten there before.  It wasn't until I was parking the car that I remembered we had Amber with us and therefore couldn't eat at a restaurant.  However, we could get our meal 'to go' and enjoy a picnic.  I could think of no better place that was close-by, than Ordway Grove.  We really enjoyed the short hike through the quiet woods, and eating our delicious sandwiches on the shore of Lake Pennesseewassee.  During its long history the Grove has been threatened by loggers and can read more about that here.  I'm so glad that there were forward thinking people involved who realized that someday this grove could be enjoyed by future residents of this area, if only it were preserved.

"Gone are the days when one might come across the tall stately white pine with the mark of the King’s ‘Broad Arrow’, trees that were earmarked specifically for the tall masts of the British Navy.
However, in nearby Norway, Maine, there is a stand of magnificent old-growth trees, mainly white pines with some mixed hardwoods. This area is now known as ‘The Ordway Grove’ and it dates from 1789.
Some of the trees are over 250 years old, with girths of over 13 feet and heights of over 150 feet. The forest has been set aside as a preserve since 1931, when some forward-thinking citizens of Norway realized what they were about to lose and saved it from logging." - quoted from 'Watershed Views'

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